Century Village Boca Raton Floor Plans

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Model Location Square Feet Sample Original Floor Plan Sample Renovated Floor Plan Beds Baths Scarcity
A Inner 601 View PDF 1 1 5
B Inner 715 View PDF 1 1.5 5
C Inner 804 View PDF 1 1 2
D Inner 835 View PDF View PDF 2 1.5 5
D Corner 835 View PDF View PDF 2 1.5 5
X Inner 752 View PDF 1 1.5 4
F Inner 801 1 1 1
W Inner 880 View PDF View PDF 2 1.5 5
V Corner 880 View PDF View PDF 2 1.5 2
G Inner 916 View PDF View PDF 2 2 5
E Inner 1032 View PDF View PDF 2 2 3
Y Corner 1168 View PDF View PDF 2 2 4
H Inner 1387 View PDF 2 2 1

Scarcity: 1=Very few of this floor plan were built, 5=Very common

Location: Interior unit (windows front and back), Corner unit (windows front, back and one side)

Model: Original Marketing Model Description.

Century Village Boca Raton floor plans are focused on designing a modern residential property that is suited to the utmost standards of luxury and innovation. The floor plans include balconies and porches and allow residents to enjoy a spacious and luxurious home in the middle of a thriving metropolis. The porches and balconies are an excellent space for the residents to entertain their guests, and rejoice in the pristine, tropical beauty of Palm Beach County.

The one- and two-bedroom models are designed to ensure satisfaction as per the leading global standards of spacious accommodations. Square foot range falls between 601 and 1387 depending on the condo. The balconies have been designed to offer residents a scenic prelude from the daily humdrum of housekeeping, and relax in the soothing embrace of Palm Beach County’s natural beauty. Many of the balconies provide a picturesque expanse of the lake.

Many units tend to be more common, however, there are several exclusive listings amongst the total number of 5712 units that Century Village Boca Raton has to offer. The world-class Century Village Boca Raton property consists of 16 associations, with beautifully designed pools. Many of the the recently renovated units have adopted a much more innovative and modern design approach with an open floor plan. This allows for greater luxury and charm to the architecture, as it removes the wall between the living room and kitchen, making the unit much more spacious and seamless. The open floor plan certainly gives a more attractive appeal to the charming resort-style lifestyle of Century Village Boca Raton.

If you are looking to renovate your own unit to your personal style or select a unit that has already been renovated, Century Village Boca Raton, offers residents a wide selection. The units constructed on the corner are certainly ideally located to enjoy the charm of the tropical beauty as the windows designed on all three sides brim up the room with light, alongside offering spectacular views.

Needless to say, Century Village Boca Raton offers luxuriously spacious and lavish floor plans that allow modern-day adults to enjoy an opulent lifestyle. The floor plan is extremely well-suited for an independent lifestyle, and a community surrounded by scenic beauty and modern luxuries.

Disclaimer: Floor plans are not to scale. Square footage is approximate. Century Village Boca Raton was built in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. These floor plans are a representation. They may not be accurate based on renovations over the years. Different variations of these plans may exist. Some features may not exist in each unit. Do not use these dimensions to make final decisions. Copyright 2019 Property Place Realty LLC. Copying for commercial purposes without the express written consent of Property Place Realty LLC is prohibited.

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